About Banshi International Law Firm

About Banshi International Law Firm

Banshi International Law Firm is a professional legal service provider, under the administration of the Bar Council of India It is a partnership Law Firm established according to Indian Lawyer Law with 25 lawyers. Now the firm is developed into a comprehensive Law Firm with some certain high points of sub-areas of practice.

All of our 25 lawyers are graduates from well-known law schools in India and are a young team with well-knit law theory knowledge and experiences which are accumulated from many years of practice. At the same time, the team has the character of youth, that is, with energy and enthusiasm, and acuminous attention to national economic policies, reforming of legal environment and trend of social direction. And the power to deal with complicated legal matters.

We mainly practice in the Supreme Court of India, including courts in Calcutta High Court, Delhi High Court, Bombay High Court and etc.

High points of our practice:

The main practices of our firm are economic law matters of commerce and trade, financial, IP, real estate, etc, which include but not limit to follow:

> Law consultation and standing legal advisory service to clients in import and export (international trade) business;

> Legal solutions for foreign and domestic clients over business disputes;

> Legal service of formation and liquidation of companies and representative office;

> Legal service of merger and acquisition, and joint-stock company’s reorganization over laws;

> Legal service to the financing of finance organizations, industry and trade companies, and individuals;

> Legal service of IP laws which include but are not limited to Patent, Trademark, and Copyright;

> Legal service of real estate which includes but not limits to confiscation of house lands and sales of commercial residency apartments;

> Law consultation to all sorts of enterprises, and act for and on behalf of enterprises in litigation and arbitration cases.

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