How to get a divorce fast? Know with the best divorce lawyers in Kolkata

Your marriage may not work! And that’s completely okay! You do not need to carry unhappy marriage days for long. You can get rid of this failed marriage easily. And the procedure can be fast if you take the help of divorce lawyers in Kolkata.
No matter your divorce procedure is mutual of contested, contacting the divorce lawyers in Kolkata will be helpful to represent you in the family court and he/she can guide you in the complicated trail of the divorce procedure.

How to file for divorce?

This is the most critical phase of life. Here you need to make your mind that yes you are ready enough to get rid of this marriage habit. Indian society is not yet that much flexible with the divorce term. And that’s why you may need to go through extra emotional turmoil. But when you finally get ready, without any delay you start to find the’ divorce lawyers near me’ on the internet. Based on the territory you will get the best divorce lawyers for you. The procedure starts with filing the petition. But based on the situation the petition type may differ.

this is one kind of divorce petition both of you can file. In the case of divorce with mutual consent, both of you are ready to leave the marriage behind and step ahead
in individual ways. This process is smooth and fast. Any divorce lawyers in Kolkata can help you out in this case. 

Divorce without mutual consent means that one party is not ready for divorce or there are some other grounds for that one is seeking a divorce. Here the journey starts with consulting with the best divorce lawyers. A contested divorce is more critical and the procedure takes a bit more time to get completed. But the best lawyers in Kolkata can help you to get the divorce without mutual consent.

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Types of Divorce Petitions

When it comes to divorce file in India, we mainly follow two petition types- divorce with mutual consent and divorce without mutual consent. According to the Hindu Marriage Act, 1995, one can file a petition for mutual divorce. But when it comes to contested divorce or divorce without mutual consent, the party can file the petition based on the same act but different grounds such as cruelty, desertion, adultery, renunciation, and so on need to be mentioned. The best lawyers in Kolkata can help you out the best to organize a contested divorce petition.

Why are we the best in divorce lawyers in Kolkata, West Bengal?

So, when it comes to filing the divorce petition as well as finding the divorce lawyers in Kolkata, you can contact ‘Advocate Banshidhar Pramanik‘ or ‘B. Pramanik & Associates‘ today. This is one of the best law firms in West Bengal with the highest client satisfaction rate. You can check the testimonials to know how fast and smartly they work to solve their clients’ problems. So, don’t deal with an unhappy marriage, get a divorce as a life with full-in peace has been waiting for you!

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