How To Set A Custom Streamelements Bot Name With Examples

Customize the Name of Cloudbot with Streamlabs Ultra

streamlabs chatbot name

Picking the right name for your StreamElements bot is very important. Don’t just go for something simple like ‘modbot’ as that does not exactly go with your brand, instead, try thinking of something which does fit your brand. This could be something simple like a homage to a character in the game you play most on stream or even something fun like ‘ArryB0t’. The more creative you are with your bot’s name, the more creative you can be when making them feel like part of your channel. It might involve using a ready-made chatbot or creating one from the ground up.

streamlabs chatbot name

To monitor and moderate your Chatbot and Live Chat, you can use the moderation tools in your streaming software or Streamlabs dashboard. You can ban and time-out users, delete messages, and customize chat filters to prevent spam and inappropriate content. Chatbots are for simulation based on human behavior as conversation partners. Not everyone will find it easy if you are unfamiliar with Streamlabs.

Learn by Experimentation, Build A Chatbot

This is because the bot and the website it has to connect to produce the token cannot establish a connection. Choose “Run as Administrator” from the context menu when right-clicking your Chatbot Shortcut. The chatbot could have been flagged as a virus by Windows Defender. Streamlabs The Visual C++ 2017 Redistributables are a prerequisite for running a chatbot, but they may not already be present on your computer. Please install both of these redistributable packages for Microsoft Visual C++ 2017. Streaming involves a significant investment of time and resources and expensive technology.

Minigames, sound effects, song requests, giveaways, and more may all be purchased with Streamlabs Extension Currency and used by the bot. The Connections menu can be accessed by clicking on the lower left corner of the screen and then selecting “Streamlabs” from the menu that appears. Step 6Finally, click install, and the chatbox theme from this overlay will now appear on your live broadcast. Queue allows viewers to join the Queue and for you to manage it easily.

Using Streamlabs Chatbot with Mixer

Here is a quick brief of each type of protection Streamlabs’ Cloudbot provides for your Twitch Chat. Arry, also known as ArryBo, is a full time Partnered Twitch streamer from the southeast of England! Video gaming and music are two of the passions he shares on his stream. Changing your Streamelements bot name is easy, free, and a great way of making your channel stand out as well as building on your brand. BotPenguin is an AI-driven chatbot creator with a high conversion rate and seamless chatbot experience. You’ve successfully linked your YouTube account to the Streamlabs Chatbots.

Think a top-notch streaming platform and chatbot are not as important as long as your content is great? Streamlabs is a very responsive platform that pushes out changelogs and many updates to make the application more compatible and bug-free. There is a reason why Streamlabs sits at the top of the streaming applications, and the reason is that it implements a lot of changes and features based on community feedback. Setting a custom name for your Streamelements bot is an effective way of building on a brand as a Twitch streamer. Your bot name will show up in your Twitch chat when mods or users use a command or if you pre-schedule announcements. There are several advantages to employing the Streamlabs chatbot for streamers and the stream community.

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