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Marriage is a great thing. But sometimes it does not work. When two people understand their marriage is not working, they take the help of mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata. When husband and wife mutually agree that they cannot continue together anymore, they submit a mutual divorce petition together before the honorable court without bringing any allegations against each other.

For example, we can say that if the wife and husband have been staying separately for one year or more and understand that they are unable to live together further, they can get a divorce. It is the fasted way to discontinue a marriage and get a divorce.

When it comes to submitting a mutual divorce petition, only the best and experienced lawyer can make the process fast and save your time. The best lawyer can make your court experience smooth and the bad one can make it too troublesome. For instance, it can be said that lawyers at Advocate B. Pramanik & Associates are best known for mutual divorce lawyers in Kolkata and all over in West Bengal.

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How to get a mutual divorce?

To make you understand in brief, here are some steps below-

  • File a joint petition
  • Attendance of husband and wife in court
  • Scrutiny of the Petition by Court
  • Tracking of statement and passing of the order on First Motion
  • Appearing for the 2nd motion
  • The decision of the court

The process is simple. And a lawyer can make it fast.

What Documents you need to get a mutual divorce?

  • Address proof of husband and wife for mutual divorce
  • Profession details and present earnings of husband and wife
  • Marriage certificate
  • Family background information of both parties
  • Marriage photographs
  • Separation proof; evidence that wife and husband are living separately for one year or more
  • Evidence that proves the marriage is beyond reconciliation
  • Income tax statements
  • Property and asset details of both
  • Particular cases can require certain other documents based on facts and circumstances

To get mutual divorce law details or to get legal guidance, hiring the best lawyer in Kolkata will be the best choice. To get the guidance, you can contact Advocate Banshidhar Pramanik & B. Pramanik Legal Team.

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